Monday, 3 April 2017

President's log - April 2017

April 2017 Insight – President’s log

Dear reader,

Welcome to my latest contribution as my year progresses.  There is not too much to report since my last article, as it has been relatively quiet on the Presidential front and I as write this article I have not travelled or visited any more Associations or attended any other gatherings. 

There was one duty which I had to perform, however, which was probably one of the most pleasing I will undertake during my year as President - to sit and sign all the certificates for the successful students from the December examinations.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am extremely keen on membership and qualifications for our Institute, and to sign so many certificates was a real joy, especially as many of them were from the north-east!  Well done and congratulations to all those who passed in December - hopefully I will get to meet you as I travel the country and visit your Associations.

There is unfortunately a down side to this story. Many of the students who pass our exam-inations very quickly let their membership lapse, particularly when they have to pay their own subscriptions. It is in my view very shortsighted of employers to see so many of them no longer paying these subscriptions once a student has qualified. 

Having spent so much resource, in time and money, and then not to continue to support the professionalism of staff and their continuing professional development seems a little negative.  As staff numbers reduce and those with extensive experience leave, it seems to me to be even more important that those left behind should be professionally qualified, motivated and supported in their ongoing professional journey.

I realise for many that the subscription renewal notices come at a bad time of year and everyone is having to pull in their financial belts, but having strived so hard to gain the qualification it is well worth having a look at what membership of the Institute can do for you.

Certainly, if you go along to your local Association and meet with others who work in the same arena and have the same issues, you will not only meet folk who are similarly minded but also those who are able to help with the problems we all face each day at work. Hopefully you would also follow me in meeting friends who last a lifetime.

I would also encourage the Associations to reach out to those who have recently qualified, invite them along to the next meeting or seminar, showing them that membership can be of real benefit, both on a personal as well as a professional level.